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IDC Solution

IDC Solution

Data Center Solution

Modular Data Center

Modular data center integrate service room fitment, primary air system, UPS, fire protection system, weak current cabling system, site monitoring system, grounding & anti-thunder system, cabinet system; highly integration, united design and deploy, green and efficiency, strong applicability feature.

Data Center Integrate Solution

High Integration

  • Integration design, well-adapted, information highly integrate
  • One-stop solution, quick deploy
  • All structural parts self-made, life time is controllable
High integration
Well-adapted, saving space, one-stop solution, quickly deploy in one week

Flexible Extension

  • Unified planning & design, reserve extension space
  • Modular parts and unified interface, frame or module extension is flexible, saving cost
  • Power distribution and cabling are designed as extension
Flexible extension
Modular parts

Green Energy Saving

  • Efficient power solution, modular design, reduce PUE value
  • Deploy cool and heat aisle, efficient cooling usage
  • Dense environment use dual cooling source
Green energy saving
Accurate air supply system, cabinet control, cooling efficiency is up to 90%, cold hot aisle closed, efficiency can increase more than 30%

Intelligent Management

  • Entire room dynamic environment monitoring
  • Local and remote login monitoring
  • Multimode fault alarm, unattended operation
Intelligent management
Real time monitoring corridor, include door switch system, there have temperature & humidity sensor, smoke sensor, camera, lamp, alarm indicator etc.
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